DragThing 4.6.1

Released: 29th May 2003
Application Size: 3,376,431 bytes

  • You can now use your own custom icons for the Desktop Trash on Mac OS X.
  • Selecting a window from an application's contextual menu now only brings that window to the front.
  • The "Appearance Sounds" option is enabled again on Mac OS X for use with third-party sound utilities.
  • DragThing will now automatically rename and use the backup preferences if no other file can be found.
  • You can now stop a script that is running by typing command-.
  • DragThing now responds to AppleEvents while running scripts.
  • Various improvements to the "Software Update" mechanism.
  • Fixed a rare crash when closing any save file dialog in DragThing.
  • Fixed a -43 error when trying to use the backup preferences file.
  • Fixed a crash in AppleScript when referring to a dock item which didn't exist.
  • Fixed a problem with the Finder being hidden when opening folders from DragThing.
  • Fixed a problem with DragThing becoming the frontmost application after a screensaver was active.
  • Fixed a problem finding modified copies of "Path Finder".
  • Fixed a problem opening "Snapz Pro X" if it was already running.
  • Fixed a problem where bundled applications were not highlighted as running on Mac OS 9.
  • Fixed a problem where the layer name kept reverting to "Untitled Layer".
  • Fixed a problem where punctuation characters were ignored when renaming items.

DragThing 4.6

Released: 17th April 2003
Application Size: 3,364,404 bytes


All features of DragThing are now fully unlocked for a one week trial period after you first run this new version. You can now try everything - including dock translucency, floating docks, hot keys, the Disk Dock, and the Desktop Trash - before you buy.

The dock item contextual menus have been greatly improved:

  • Folder and disk menus are much faster, especially for network disks.
  • You can quit applications and eject disks from the menus of any dock.
  • Added a "Force Quit" command for running applications (hold down option key).
  • Added a "Windows" submenu for running applications (requires 10.2.3 or later and "access for assistive devices" enabled in Universal Access).
  • Added a "Path" submenu showing the location of an item.
  • Added a "Copy URL" command for URL items.
  • Added "Get Info" and "Show Original" commands for folders and disks.
  • Added an option to not show the contents for folder and disk menus.
  • Added an option to not draw icons in menus for extra speed.
  • Added an option to show folder contents in a submenu.
  • Added an option to use a smaller font for contextual menus.
  • Menus are positioned correctly on Mac OS X.

Added an option to automatically check for updated versions of DragThing.
Added paint tools that let you draw colours, styles, and textures directly onto docks, including painting individual spaces in different colours.
Added a hot key to switch between the two frontmost applications.
Added an option to reduce the size of the preferences file at the expense of slower startup times.
Added an option to stop Command-H from hiding DragThing.
Added an option to hide docks when you click the close box rather than deleting them.
Added an option to control whether drawers switch between layers automatically.
Added an option to display Macintosh or Unix style paths on Mac OS X.
Added support for using CocoaTech's "Path Finder" instead of the Finder (requires Path Finder 2.1.1 or later).
Added support for long filenames throughout DragThing.
Added "Eject", "Minimise All", "Export All Docks", and "Empty Trash" commands to the menubar.
You can now highlight running applications in docks without showing the Process Dock.
You can now highlight mounted disks in docks other than the Disk Dock.
You can now force an application to open anything by holding down command and option while dragging onto the application's icon.
You can now drag URLs with names to and from Safari.
You can now drag long URLs into DragThing without truncating them.
You can now edit long URLs on Mac OS 9 too.
Internet location files are now used when importing or exporting URL items.
Tab/Shift-Tab now selects the alphabetically next/previous item in the current dock.
Command-Down Arrow now opens items, Command-~/Command-Shift-~ cycles between docks.
Command-E now ejects disks, Command-, brings up the Preferences window.
You can now specify applications which are not to be hidden by DragThing.
You can now add items within application packages to lists by option-clicking "Add...".
You can now drag applications directly into the lists again on Mac OS X.
Dragging from Cocoa applications to the Desktop Trash now works correctly.
Clicking on a floating dock now doesn't bring DragThing to the front on Mac OS X.
Floating docks now stay visible when DragThing is hidden on Mac OS X.
DragThing will unhide itself if necessary when showing docks.
DragThing now sorts items by name in exactly the same way as the Finder.
Improved searching for missing items, especially application packages.
Improved drawing speed for docks using translucency.
NFS disks now show correctly in the Disk Dock.
Invisible disks are not shown in the Disk Dock.
Dragging an item from the Process or Disk Dock to the Trash no longer makes an alias.
Added a warning about possible performance problems when using sounds on PowerBooks.

Fixed a problem running AppleScripts created by Script Editor 2.0.
Fixed a problem dragging the Disk Dock Trash to other docks.
Fixed a problem using a scroll wheel to switch between layers.
Fixed a problem cycling between docks when some of them were hidden.
Fixed a problem dragging messages from Eudora to the Desktop Trash.
Fixed a crash when using a hot key to run an AppleScript while another script was still running.
Fixed a problem where you couldn't delete all items from a list.
Fixed various problems with hiding and showing applications on Mac OS X.

Rewrote all file and text handling code for increased performance.
Unicode support is now always enabled.
Quartz support is now always enabled on Mac OS X.
DragThing no longer runs on Mac OS 8.6 or Mac OS 10.0.
Minimum system requirements are now Mac OS 10.1.5 or later or Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.6.

DragThing 4.5.2

Released: 27th November 2002
Application Size: 3,175,841 bytes

Added Dutch language support.
Fixed a problem with drawers getting moved when changing monitor resolution.
Fixed various window positioning bugs with the Disk Dock and Process Dock.
Fixed the "dancing drawer" bug.
Fixed a problem adding custom icons to folders and disks.
Fixed an AppleScript error when setting the drawer window positions.
Fixed a problem with the Scripts and Settings menus when using long file names.
Fixed the label contextual menu for URL items.
Fixed various problems with DragThing's Desktop Trash on Mac OS X.
Dragging a CD-R to the Trash will offer to burn it instead of just ejecting.
Better error messages when trying to eject a disk that is in use.
Hot spots only trigger once when the mouse first enters them.
Adding a new layer to a dock shows the tabs if they are not already showing.
The number of times each dock item has been opened can be accessed via AppleScript.
Added an AppleScript option to not switch layers when a drawer is maximised.
Fixed problems with "DragThing Help" under Jaguar and made it easier to navigate.
Added an animation when deleting dock items.

DragThing 4.5.1

Released: 27th September 2002
Application Size: 2,935,813 bytes

This fixes a bug converting preferences files from older versions of DragThing. It should also help with the -39 error some people have seen with very large prefs files. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as 4.5.

DragThing 4.5

Released: 19th September 2002
Application Size: 2,934,651 bytes


New features:

You can now turn docks into sliding drawers that work like popup windows.
Folder contextual menus can go more than five levels deep on Jaguar.
Added support for Mac OS X applications with "????" creator codes.
Added support for custom sounds on Mac OS X and a "DragThing Sounds" folder.
Added support for very long URLs on Mac OS X.
Added a "Revert" command for the preferences file in case of accidents.
Added new hot keys to control individual docks.
Added an option to highlight Classic applications in docks.
Added an option to sort the Disk Dock into the same order as the Desktop.
Added an option to allow clicks and drags on transparent areas of docks.
Added Jaguar-style value indicators to all the sliders in the options windows.
Added new icon badges to show running apps and missing items.
Added a hot key to toggle hiding applications when switching.
Added a hot key to toggle showing background-only applications in the Process Dock.
Added support for running AppleScripts created on Mac OS X.
Added "path to me" support when running AppleScripts.
Path to original item is now visible in Item Options window.
Appearance tabs automatically resize to fit the length of docks.
Type selection in docks now supports Japanese and other languages.
Improved searching for missing applications on Mac OS X.
Show bundle identifier for applications instead of type/creator if available.
Opening a running app from any dock will bring all its windows to the front.
Improved performance of Desktop Trash with network disks.
Labels work again on Mac OS X.
Many other minor improvements.

Bugs fixed:

Fixed a crash at login on Jaguar.
Fixed a crash with "Select new original..." button.
Fixed a crash when dragging vertical tabs.
Fixed a number of tab drawing glitches.
Fixed a redraw problem when resizing docks on Jaguar.
Fixed a -43 error with the Disk Dock.
Fixed a problem with windows not hiding in fullscreen apps on Jaguar.
Fixed an update problem with custom icons.

DragThing 4.3.1

Released: 1st August 2002
Application Size: 2,809,008 bytes

Bugs fixed:

Various fixes for Mac OS X "Jaguar".
Fixed problem with DragThing not opening when renamed.
Fixed problem with docks in fullscreen applications.
Fixed problem loading Unicode names for colour and texture sets.
Fixed problem opening the Finder on Mac OS 9.
Fixed some scripting problems with the "Disk Dock" visible.
Removed warning when Finder not running on Mac OS X.

New features:

Support for one small new Jaguar feature.
Various optimisations and speed improvements.

DragThing 4.3

Released: 11th April 2002
Application Size: 2,902,225 bytes


New features:

Added a new kind of dock which shows all mounted disks and servers.
You can now use unmodified keys as hot keys on Mac OS X, including function keys.
DragThing is now a multi-lingual bundled application.
Added an option to only hide other applications when switching using DragThing.
Added an option to disable Command-N.
Scripts selected from folder menus are now run by default.
Tooltips work more like those in Mac OS.
Added a "Select new original..." button to the Item Options window.
Dragging is now possible with "Dock items are buttons" switched on.
Icon spacing is no longer automatically adjusted when changing layer styles.
Window positions are remembered between sessions.
Option windows should appear on the correct monitor for their dock.
Windows with overall translucency set become opaque when the mouse is over them.
DragThing will unhide itself during command-tabbing if necessary.
You can click and hold the Desktop Trash icon for the contextual menu.
Desktop Trash floats when being repositioned.
Applications are now brought to the front before being quit.
Double-clicking the Finder in a regular dock will open a new Finder window.
Get Info and Show Original now works on bundled applications on Mac OS 9.
"Get Info" menu item changed to "Show Info" on Mac OS X.
Added scriptable options to turn off zoom rects and text embossing.
Refined option-clicking behaviour when dock items are buttons.

Bugs fixed:

Fixed an occasional crash with the Desktop Trash contextual menu.
Fixed problem where you couldn't click on the icon of LimeWire or Watson.
Fixed problem with blank notes showing in the dock name bar.
Floating windows are hidden while running fullscreen applications on Mac OS X.
Unix files are hidden correctly in folder menus.
Items starting with a "-" are shown correctly in folder menus.
"Duplicate Dock" script works correctly with Desktop Trash showing.
Numerous other minor fixes.

DragThing 4.2.1

Released: 7th February 2002
Application Size: 2,567,854 bytes

This version works round a problem in CarbonLib 1.5 that was causing long pauses when switching between applications. Aside from that fix, it's otherwise the same as version 4.2.

DragThing 4.2

Released: 25th October 2001
Application Size: 2,578,878 bytes


Changes on Mac OS X:

All dock drawing is now done using Quartz on Mac OS 10.1:

  • Support for translucent dock windows.
  • Antialiased icon drawing at all sizes.
  • Finder X style translucent selection of icons.
  • Finder X style dragging of icons.
  • Support for the Finder Desktop and Dock fonts.
  • Translucent tooltips to show item names.

Added an option to display the Trash on the Finder Desktop.
Added an option to bring all the windows of an application to the front when you switch to it.
Added a hot key to bring all windows of the current application to the front.
Added support for "Super Get Info" by Bare Bones Software.
Recent document lists for applications work again.
Checking file types during drags works and now supports file extensions.
File extensions hidden in the Finder in Mac OS 10.1 are also hidden in DragThing.
You can show a contextual menu for the selected dock item by pressing the escape key
(useful with keyboard navigation of menus on Mac OS 10.1).
Fixed a problem selecting a new application for the "Find..." command.
Fixed a problem with the option to open DragThing automatically at startup.

Changes on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X:

The "Hide other applications when switching" option works much better now.
Added option to locate dock items by full path, or alias, or both.
Added option to follow aliases in folder contextual menus.
Folder contextual menus now indicate if items are aliases.
Added a hot key to quit all running applications.
DragThing Settings folder has moved into the user's Preferences folder.
Smarter tooltip logic.
Fixed a problem with docks losing menu focus when they were set to always float.
Fixed a problem with applications added to docks under Mac OS X not accepting drags.
Various other minor fixes and enhancements.

DragThing 4.1

Released: 1st September 2001
Application Size: 2,491,125 bytes


General changes:

Docks can have custom background pictures and textures.
Support for Unicode and long file names for dock items.
Added an option to use icons in layer tabs and minimised docks instead of names.
Added an option to speed up DragThing's startup time.
Added an option to quit DragThing at startup if there is another copy already running (useful for Classic).
Added an option to only search local disks for missing items.
Added important commands back to folder contextual menus.
You can paste custom icons onto dock items from the "Item Options" window.
You can set the same hot key for multiple items again.
Hotkeys for hiding applications now work when the process dock is hidden.
Fixed icon problems with AppleWorks, OmniWeb and others.
Various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Changes on Mac OS X:

Hiding and showing applications works on Mac OS 10.1.
"Get Info" no longer crashes the Finder and works on Mac OS 10.1.
Ejecting disks by dragging them to the Trash in DragThing docks works on Mac OS 10.1.
Process Dock indicates if applications are hidden.
Added an option to hide the window shadow of a dock.
The smaller Aqua tabs are used in docks at small font sizes.
Fixed problem with menu items being disabled with a dock frontmost.

Changes on Mac OS 9 and earlier:

File Sharing can be excluded from the Process Dock.

DragThing 4.0.2

Released: 1st May 2001
Application Size: 1,980,471 bytes

Changes on Mac OS X:

Fixed crash at startup when trying to use the backup preferences file.
Fixed crash at startup when "Open DragThing Automatically" was enabled.
Fixed crash when clicking the "Open DragThing Automatically" checkbox.
Fixed problem with the login items being cleared at startup.
Fixed problem opening Finder URL shortcuts.

Changes on Mac OS 9 and earlier:

Fixed problem with the anchor window getting stuck on CarbonLib 1.1.1.

General changes:

Command-Shift-Delete doesn't delete items in DragThing.
Fixed problem with items opening when dragging them to a dock set to single-click mode.
Can add control panels to application lists again.
Command-Option-clicking items in a dock set to button mode works again.
Support function keys for undo/cut/copy/paste.
Display checkmark next to active preferences files in the Settings menu.
Help key opens DragThing Help.

DragThing 4.0.1

Released: 19th April 2001
Application Size: 1,975,743 bytes

Changes on Mac OS X:

Added support for scroll wheels to switch between dock layers.
DragThing docks are no longer repositioned by the Dock.
Items on UFS/NFS disks are opened correctly.
Certain Mac OS X applications don't act as folders.
Tooltips no longer appear in other applications.
Fixed problem with files moving instead of copying when dragged to folders in docks.
Fixed future problem with floating windows.
Dock names appear correctly in the Mac OS X Dock window menu.
Various cosmetic bugs relating to Aqua fixed.

Changes on Mac OS 9 and earlier:

Option clicking an item in the process dock hides all other applications again.
Repeating hot keys no longer type into the current application.
DragThing doesn't crash if the Contextual Menu Extension is missing.
Fixed some problems with Keychain dialogs.
Worked round a problem with floating window appearance on CarbonLib 1.3.
Certain operations are faster with CarbonLib 1.3.

General changes:

Icons for dock items on unmounted disks are drawn correctly.
DragThing is a lot better at locating missing dock items.
Displays an anchor point indicator when dragging dock windows.
Can option-click items to drag docks set to button mode.
Can drag URL clippings to the Trash in DragThing.
Scripts in the Startup Items folder work correctly again.
Window minimise buttons work on docks again.
Tooltips don't appear for minimised windows.
Fixed a problem that caused the process dock to move at startup with tabs showing.
Fixed problem with first click on a recently maximised dock being lost.
Smarter tooltip placement.
Fixed a number of problems with the help files.

DragThing 4.0

Released: 24th March 2001
Application Size: 1,956,596 bytes



DragThing has been rewritten as a Carbon application which runs on both Mac OS X and 8.6 or later.
Completely rewritten Aqua-ready user interface with new Preferences and Options windows.
Hierarchical contents menus for folders and disks.
Many new dock appearance options, including greater font and style control.
Docks can now center-align to the edges of the screen and grow in both directions.
New sorting options for the Process Dock, including most recently used.

Support for tooltips to show the name of the item under the cursor.
A new feature to repair all missing dock items in one go automatically.
Support for true 128x128 icons, even on Mac OS 9.
Multiple levels of undo for many actions.
You can now edit the text colour for docks directly.
Live resizing of docks from the Dock Options window.

Added an option to not follow aliases when you add them to a dock.
Added an option to add URL documents as aliases to the original.
Added an option to display the Trash at the end of the Process Dock.
Added an option to find missing items automatically.
Added an option to treat dock items as real buttons.

Lots more!