DragThing is the original dock designed to tidy up your Macintosh desktop.

It puts all your documents, folders, and applications just a single click away. Highly flexible, it allows multiple docks, each customised to suit your exact needs.

It stores frequently-used clippings such as text and pictures, and lets you easily paste them into other applications with just a click.

DragThing also allows you to define a wide variety of hot keys. These hot keys can open items in docks, control various other aspects of DragThing and even control the visibility of and switching between other applications running on your Mac.

DragThing can also provide you with a Trash on your desktop, play sounds in response to actions like ejecting a CD, and a lot more besides.  

DragThing requires Mac OS 10.7.4 or later.

DragThing is shareware. That means that you can download a copy freely to see if you like it, and if you decide to use it you should pay for your copy. In return for paying you will receive a serial number which will disable the reminder message at startup, and enable some extra features including floating dock windows and hot keys to open dock items.

A single user license for DragThing costs $29. Five and ten-packs of licenses cost $99 and $149 respectively. Unlimited user site and world licenses are also available at $1000 and $2000 respectively. Contact us for educational pricing on multiple licences.

For details on how to pay via FastSpring, see the Buy Now page.


See what other people have to say about DragThing: 

"...one of my favourite Mac utilities of all time..."
Jason Snell, Macworld, December 2007
"...DragThing is so rich and customizable, once you appreciate what it can do,
you'll thank Leopard for helping you let go of the Dock for good..."
Peter Sichel, November 2007
"...DragThing takes the desktop dock concept several steps further by combining the best of the dock with the Finder, resulting in a flexible and powerful utility..." - (five rating)

Download.com, December 2004
"...that's not a preference dialog, that's The Brothers Karamazov!"
Shane Looker, January 2005
"...my editorial project multitasking moves five times faster thanks to DragThing..."
Scott Shuster, June 2004
"...don't know how I ever lived without it..."
Stephen Fry, April 2004
"...DragThing is Apple's Dock done right..." - (five mice rating)
Five mice
Tim Danaher, MacUser UK, 5th March 2004
"...if I could have taken all the lessons learned in Systems 1 through 9 and applied them to System X, I certainly wouldnít have ended up with the Dock. No, I would have ended up with DragThing..."
Bruce Tognazzini, AskTog, January 2004
"...this probably is the greatest piece of shareware available for the Mac..." - (five mice rating)
Five mice
Tim Danaher, MacUser UK, 13th June 2003
"...we're happy to report that with version 4.5.2, DragThing is still our favorite shareware file launcher..." - (four and a half mice rating)
Four and a half mice
Jason Snell, MacWorld, March 2003
"...it makes you wonder what Apple's engineers would have done had they looked at this when developing the Dock..." - (number 5 in their top 50 best Mac OS X utilities)
Tom Gorham, MacUser UK, 7th March 2003
"...if the Dock still causes severe abdominal cramps, you can use James Thomson's DragThing..."
Andy Ihnatko, MacWorld, January 2003
"...an essential addition to the Mac OS..." - (four and a half mice rating)
Four and a half mice
Craig Grannell, MacUser UK, 2nd November 2002
"...DragThing combines the features of OS 9's Application menu and Launcher in one utility - and then it outperforms both. Many of its fans use it as an alternative to OS X's Dock..." - (four and a half mice rating)
Four and a half mice
Ted Landau, MacWorld, July 2002
"...DragThing can rightfully be called an indispensable aid to working with your Mac..." - (five mice rating)
Five mice
Tim Danaher, MacUser UK, 9th June 2000
"...you made the switch to OS X a lot easier for me..."
Bob LeVitus, March 2001
"...this is a perfect piece of Mac software - clean, simple, powerful, and plugs a major hole in the user interface..."
Douglas Adams, The Digital Village, March 1998
"...a gorgeous, feature-laden productivity enhancer..."
David Pogue, Macworld, January 1996
"...a breath-taking, must-have utility..."
Keith Brindley, MacUser UK, October 1997
"...a solid, easy, elegant application..."
Tonya Engst, TidBITS#277
"...one of the best launchers available..."
Kevin M. Savetz, MacAddict, April 1998
"...no system installation is complete until you've added DragThing..."
Nicholas C. DeMello, Editor of MacTech Magazine, May 1998
"...it's simple, convenient, elegant, and pretty, yet offers enough options for even the most powerful of power users..."
Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle, 26th May 1996
"...a definite must-see when you are deciding on a launching palette..." - (four mice rating)
Andrew Kim, MacUser Software Central, 1st August 1996
"...though there are many file-launching palette utilities out there, this may be our favorite..." - (five mice rating)
Jason Snell, MacUser Software Central, 1st August 1997


DragThing has also won a number of awards:

Finalist in the MacGeneration Awards 2004.
Runner-up for best third-party utility in the MacInTouch Reader Choice Poll 2003
Finalist for "Best Productivity Utility" in the
Macworld 18th Annual Editors' Choice Awards 2002
Winner of the gold MacFixIt Toolbox Award for "Best Enhancement Software" 2000
Winner of the Guldmusen (Golden Mouse) award for
"Best Finder Enhancement Software" from Macworld Sweden 1996
Winner of second prize in "World Shareware" category from MuON Japan 1997
Almost Nominated for "Outstanding Programming for a Freeware Product"
in the Second Annual Usenet Macintosh Programming Awards 1996!