Paying For DragThing

While DragThing can be freely downloaded and tried out to see if it meets your needs, it is not free software. If you continue to use it, you are expected to pay for your copy. This is known as shareware.

Paying for DragThing helps support further development of this software. Because we are a small company that writes software to earn our living, if nobody buys a particular product, we can't really justify spending time working on new versions of it in the future.

All payments are handled by FastSpring, a company which provides a simple and secure way for people to pay for things from anywhere in the world. FastSpring accepts all major credit cards as well as several other forms of payment.

Hit the button below to visit our online store:

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The Register Window

When DragThing starts up, and it has not been paid for, the Register window shown below will open automatically. You can also open it while the application is running by selecting “Register…” or "Upgrade…" from the “DragThing” menu.

If you have an existing serial number, enter your details in the fields provided and click the “Register” button to personalize your copy. If you paid for DragThing previously, but have lost your serial number, just send me an email to:

and I'll look it up for you.

To pay for your copy, click the “Order Online …” button. DragThing will then connect to FastSpring and let you enter your payment details. When the order is processed, your serial number will be sent to you in an email from FastSpring entitled “Your DragThing 5 Order”.

You can also open your web browser and go to my order page located at the following URL:

Thanks for supporting shareware in general, and our company in particular.