DragThing 2.9

Released: 22nd June 2000
Application Size: 1,832,052 bytes


Added German language support.
Added an option to draw the dock tabs and backgrounds in the style of the current Theme.
Added support for using Appearance sound effects.
Added an option to draw the tabs with a cool metallic gradient.
Added a langauge switching menu to DragThing Lite.
Added an option so DragThing doesn't automatically come to the front when running scripts.

Names of plug-ins are always drawn in the correct font in the language menu.
You can now double-click language files to switch language.
Switching language is now scriptable.
Modifying the application lists in the Dock Options and Preferences window is now scriptable.

Fixed -1708 error when using the minimise in application option with the Process Dock.
Fixed icon for language plug-ins.
Fixed problem with hidden docks showing at startup.
Fixed problem with docks jumping down a few pixels at the top of the screen.
Fixed problem with HTML help on OS 8.6 and added a searchable index.

Various other minor fixes.

DragThing 2.8

Released: 1st May 2000
Application Size: 1,783,003 bytes


New multilingual support, with language 'plug-ins' for English, French, Italian, and Japanese, and a universal installer.
Added the ability to hide and show docks depending on which application is at the front.
Support for Mac OS 9 packages.
Now you can hide items from the process dock by just dragging them into a list in the preferences window, and selectively show them again.

New HTML based manual.
Added AppleScript support for editing hot keys.
Added option to disable hot keys in hidden docks.
Added option to confirm the selection when you find a missing item.
Added back the checkbox to disable opening the Layer Options when you double-click a tab.

No longer create the 'Recent Documents' folder if it is missing.
Smarter handling of the backup file.
Fix a crash when the preferences file is full.
Fixed the last -1000 error when adding items with corrupt custom icons.

Many other minor fixes and tweaks.

DragThing 2.7

Released: 14th July 1999
Application Size: 1,718,881 bytes


The 'Find' button in the missing items dialog now searches your disks - at last!
Added extensive checks for preference file corruption.

Fixed -1000 error adding files with 8.5 custom icons to docks on older systems.
Fixed looking for missing items at startup.
Fixed contextual menu for URL items.

Only hide applications that appear in the process dock.
Many other minor fixes and tweaks.

DragThing 2.6

Released: 17th October 1998
Application Size: 1,707,980 bytes


Full support for MacOS 8.5, including Navigation Services, 32-bit colour icons, anti-aliased text, and the new Appearance Manager.

New dock styles, including flat and rounded slots for items, and stunning gradient fills.
Twice as many colours, including new dark colour schemes with light text.
Colour sets can be saved and loaded for swapping with other people.
Includes a full set of Bondi colours for the iMac!

Due to popular demand, window floating can now be set on a per dock basis in any combination!
Hot screen edges as well as hot corners to bring DragThing to the front.
Added a new Finder-style 'Move To Trash' menu command and shortcut.

Fixes a problem dragging URLs from Netscape.
Fixes a number of cosmetic bugs under 8.5.
Many more user interface enhancements and fixes.

Now includes a new Mindvision VISE 5.5 based installer with uninstall.
Supports Internet Config 2.0 for opening URLs.

Recompiled with Metrowerks C/C++ 2.2.

DragThing 2.5

Released: 1st May 1998
Application Size: 1,582,981 bytes


Now includes these remarkably cool features:

  • New DragThing Lite now included -
    it's a smaller, easier to use DragThing for the rest of us.
  • Dock windows can be set to 'pop' to the front when dragging into them -
    all the benefits of floating windows without losing the desktop space.
  • Windows now fit around the tabs when the titlebar is hidden
    freeing up more valuable desktop space.
  • Tabs and current item name bar can finally be placed vertically
    at the left and right hand side of docks.
  • Optional sound effects.

And not forgetting:

Tabs can also be placed at the far side of docks.
Docks can be resized from the top and left by clicking and dragging.
Added hot keys for hiding and showing processes.
Added Finder-style arrange menu for sorting docks.

Added option to enable Contextual Menu plug-ins with DragThing.
Added menu item and 'Command-F' shortcut for opening 'Find File'.
Added option for showing item notes in the current item name bar.

Works with Default Folder 2.8.2 so clicking on a dock item in an Open/Save dialog takes you there.
Works with the URL Manager Pro 2.0 Contextual Menu plug-in.
Support for UserLand Frontier 5.0 scripting, including shared menus.

Worked around problem causing crash when using the FreePPP Control Strip module with DragThing.
Fixed rare crash when moving the mouse over floating windows.

Various improvements to make producing localised versions easier.
Dock positioning relative to corners now fully automatic.
New register window with scrolling help text.
Register window now picks up name and organisation from Internet Config settings.
Other minor user interface tweaks, bug fixes, and changes to the manual.

Recompiled with Metrowerks C/C++ 2.0.

DragThing 2.1

Released: 1st December 1997
Application Size: 1,345,649 bytes


Added full support for MacOS 8 contextual menus, including:

  • a menu with recent documents opened for application dock items
  • a menu with the contents of folder and disk dock items
  • a menu to hide, show and quit process dock items
  • quick access to common commands like Get Info, Show Original and Minimise

Added option to float docks on a per dock basis.
Added startup and shutdown folders for automatic execution of AppleScripts.
Added option not to execute AppleScripts when double-clicking them.
Added option to click empty spaces in docks to add items through an Open File dialog.

Much improved command-tabbing to switch between processes.
Much improved auto-minimising of floating dock windows.

Fixed a bug causing the process dock to stop working and floating docks to hide after running games.
Fixed a bug causing the process dock to move when games switched resolution.
Fixed a bug causing hot keys to be lost occasionally.
Fixed a bug causing only the first item of a multiple selection to be opened with floating docks.
Fixed a bug executing AppleScripts when the DragThing Scripts folder was not present.
Fixed a bug stopping files with short names from appearing in the Settings menu.

Made serial number entry more forgiving about leading and trailing spaces.
Added some useful information about paying to the Register window.
Other minor user interface tweaks, bug fixes, and changes to the manual.
Recompiled with Metrowerks C/C++ 1.8.

DragThing 2.0

Released: 1st August 1997
Application Size: 1,257,074 bytes


Fully scriptable and recordable.
Now can switch between different settings files on the fly.
MacOS 8 Appearance Manager/Kaleidoscope/Aaron/Church Windows savvy user interface.
Added option to hide all other applications automatically when switching.

Added option to grey out the icons of hidden applications.
Added sliders to control delay before switching.
Added save menu item to do an immediate backup of preferences.
Now can drag OpenDoc stationary and drag to many more applications.
Better handling of preferences to avoid corruption, and smarter fixing of problems.
Can rotate minimised docks.
Notes for any item.

New Scripts and Settings folders and menus.
Command-key equivalents in all dialogs.
Drag & drop text editing and intelligent copy & paste in all text fields.
Lots of user interface tweaks.

Fixed bug when dragging items with null type and creator to dock items.
Fixed bug truncating names on 2-byte character systems.
Many other fixes.

Registration scheme.
No longer expires after a year of being released.
Recompiled with Metrowerks C/C++ 1.7.1.

Also available in paid copies:

Added option to float the dock windows above all applications.
Added hot keys to switch between applications, launch items, bring DragThing to the front, and more.