1995 - 2019

DragThing is written using the 32-bit Carbon APIs that Apple have now removed in macOS 10.15 Catalina. It will no longer run if you update to Catalina, and there are no plans to make a new version that will.

We are sorry to say, DragThing has launched its last app.

64-bit support would require completely rewriting the code from the ground up, a process which would take us at least a year to complete, with no guarantees we could re-implement all the existing functionality, or how much of a future it would have if we did.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of a market out there these days, such that it would be financially viable for us to do so. Almost all of our income over the last ten years has come from PCalc, and time spent on a new version of DragThing would be time we couldn't spend on improving PCalc.

Open sourcing the code is not an option for a variety of reasons, but the code is very tied to Carbon, and would not be useful for making a new version.

DragThing is no longer for sale. It should continue to function on 10.14 Mojave.

Existing users can still download a copy here.

A very big thank you to everybody that has supported DragThing over the years.